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 How To Pack Your Carry-On For a Business Trip

Packing a Suitcase for a Business Trip

If you’re going to be stuck on a plane thousands of feet above the ground, you might want to take some time to plan on what to carry with you and beat the boredom as your cruise over the clouds. Every airline allows each passage a sizable carry-on bag which they can with them on board. Remember that you’re only allowed the luxury of a single bag, so you might want to choose what goes into it carefully.

Here a few tips:

  1. List all the things you would wish to bring with you – To avoid the common mistake of overlooking important items and instead carrying unnecessary things, start by listing down everything you think you might want in your carry-on bag. If you’ve gone on such a trip before, try and recall what you used, didn’t use or wished you had carried with you on the last flight. Skip the unnecessary baggage this time, around.
  2. Make sure you’ve included your favorite electronic playthings to beat the boredom – This particularly applies to long flights (those over 4 hours). Don’t just rely on the airline to entertain you. You might be disappointed to find out that they don’t have your favorite genre/playlist. So ensure that you, at least, bring along your iPod, laptop or tablet to help while the hours away as you cruise above the oceans and mountains.
  3. Save valuable space by carrying only one pair of shoes, pants, skirt or sweater in your carry-on – Truth be told, you won’t need to change your shirt/shoes/pants that often while on transit – i.e. unless there’s an emergency. So instead of having those in your carry-on bag, leave them in your main suitcase and save the space for more important stuff. For instance, if you’re on a business trip, you might want to bring along a few folders and documents to pore over in the course of your flight. Instead of packing your suit or jacket in your bag, wear it instead and create space for your laptop.
  4. Don’t forget any medication, sanitary towels, baby food or other personal effects that you can’t do without for a couple of hours – A majority of business people on-the-go often underestimate the importance of having a stash of personal effects at your arm’s reach when on a flight. You never really know when you’ll need that quick remedy for your chronic migraine. Being prepared can save you a lot of headaches, literally.

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