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What To Do: 24 Hours in Tokyo


Tokyo city has come of age as one of the must visit destinations. It is the planet’s most populated metropolis, a great powerhouse of art, fashion, finance, industry, and also one of the dining capitals of the world. The pace found in Tokyo city can be quite breathtaking, but again, so can its’ efficiency. There is no other city on the planet close to its’ size that works as well as it does, while at the same time managing to be civil. Moreover, crime is very low, and the buses and trains are always on time.

From the ancient temples and timeless shrines, to skyscraper cocktail bars and edgy fashions of the teen tribes, Tokyo as a lot to offer. 24 hours in Tokyo can showcase the best the city as to offer in terms of its’ futuristic modernity and traditional heritage. Here are some of the things you can do when you have 24 hours to spare in Tokyo:

  • Early Morning
    • Kick of your 24 hours with a trip to the Tsukiji Fish Market. This is one of the largest markets in the world, and offers a fascinating glimpse of Tokyo in action. Moreover, you will get to feast on a delicious fresh sushi breakfast.
    • After visiting Tsukiji Fish market, you can go to the Tokyo Tower. Nothing else will give you a real perspective of the city’s sheer size like checking out Tokyo from above. The magnificent white and red striped building offers 360 degree views of the amazing sprawling metropolis.The Tower will let you lay eyes on some of the best panoramas in the city. It is best to go as soon as it opens so that you can avoid the large crowds. Alternatively, you can save your cash by going to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Building to view the city from above, for free.
  • During the day
    • Tokyo is actually best enjoyed by strolling or walking the streets, and as aforementioned, the city is surprisingly very safe with incredible low crime rate. You can walk almost anywhere without having to worry about your safety. You can take a walk through the Ueno Onshi park which is usually lined with very beautiful cherry blossom trees, especially during spring. The park is actually a historic monument, as the zoo that’s found here comprises of remnants of the Ueno famous Battle.
    • To really experience Japanese modern culture in action, you should visit the Shibuya Crossing; the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. Get into the thick of it and actually get to experience the adrenaline rush that comes with dodging the passersby as you cross. Alternatively, you can choose to head above ground, and get to watch from a safer distance.
  • Evening
    • You can hop onto the Tokyo Metro which is located at the Shibuya Station, and head to Roppongi Hills to enjoy some of Tokyo’s coolest modern architecture. The area surrounding Roppongi Hills also has some of the city’s most famous nightlife spots where you can wind up your day.

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