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3 Tips for Business Travel

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For the business traveler constantly on the road, rail, sea or in the air, the magic of travel can easily dissipate, replaced by a fog in which all waiting areas, hotel rooms and insides of vehicles start to look alike. This monotonous haze can negatively affect the best efforts of someone looking for new business opportunities, finalize contracts and network.

Here are three ways to help you stay sharp, alert and clinch those major deals.

  1. Stay Healthy – Even the common cold can be a huge distraction just at the office. If you get sick on the go, it can be especially bad. Not only will you not be able to project the best image of yourself in a world where impressions matter, your concentration, memory and stamina may all suffer. Sleep and hydration are two simple solutions that will improve your immunity and accelerate your recovery when you do fall ill. Most hotels now have gyms with 24-hour access – hit the treadmill for a brisk walk or run if you aren’t ready for a full workout.
  2. There’s an app… use it! – It is hard for us to imagine that people once survived travel without smartphones and even the internet. The chaos and uncertainty of that era should not be a part of the modern business traveler’s trip with the technology at hand today. Every major company and organization is on the net and many even have their own app. From airlines, hotels, convention organizers, taxi services and restaurants, you can plan, book and pay in advance so you always know how how your day looks. Business and personal management apps can help you stay as focused and productive on the road as you are at the office.
  3. Travel Light – “What made me pack that?” If you have ever had to ask yourself that question on a business trip, you are not packing right. Traveling light helps you stay energetic and fresh for the actual reason you are making the business trip instead of squandering your focus on dead weight. ¬†Most hotels provide toiletries so carry the bare minimum, read an eBook instead of a real one, wear bulky clothes and shoes onto the plane. If you can limit yourself to just carry-on luggage, you are doing it right. Not only does this save you time at the arrival airport since you don’t have to wait at the baggage carousel, it also eliminates the possibility that yours will be one of the 22 million bags that airlines lose aver year.

Now that’s stress-free travel.

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