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5 Essential Apps For An On-The-Go Lifestyle

Cal App
Cal App

There’s an app for that, they used to say. Now, it seems, there are a pile of apps for everything you could ever want to do…. and some that you could never imagine having a use for (I’m looking at you, Zips).

If you are running a business on-the-go, your smartphone can be the best investment that you ever made. Here are five apps that will help you streamline your work life and get more organized and productive no matter where you are.

  1. Scheduler – Cal – Keep a firm track of meetings and events across time zones with Cal. Cal abandons the traditional ‘hour block’ approach that most calendar apps employ. Instead, you get a chronological list of events that takes up less space and is easier to understand at a glance. Event creation is a breeze with Cal intuitively suggesting location and invite data based on the event name. It is also a much more attractive app than most with a choice of bright, vibrant backgrounds that outshines the boring monotones of the competition.
    • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
    • Cost: Free
  2. Tracking Expenses – Mint – Few things promote procrastination more than listing and tracking your expenses. The task, however dreary, is an essential part of sticking to a budget that might impact your business and personal life. Mint ( ticks all the right boxes – Free, iOS/Android/Windows/Kindle compatibility, Link to accounts (bank, cards, mutual funds, IRA), Cash tracking. It has an impressive list of other features like credit score, email and SMS budget alerts and setting budget and savings goals.
    • Platforms: Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows
    • Cost: Free
  3. Getting Around- Citymapper – Citymapper incorporates real-time public transportation updates, cycle routes and even provides Uber integration. Customized for thirty cities around the world and building, it is meant for those travelers who rely on public transport and goes all-out to include every possible type of information they might require. The inclusion of ‘rain-safe’ routes, bike-share options (even how many were available at a particular place) and almost magical ability to deduce shortest routes between points all make this a formidable travel app. If you have been stuck with Google maps all this while, you have been missing out big time.
    • Platforms: Android & iOS
    • Cost: Free
  4. Trip Management – Trip It – If you are a frequent traveler, especially across international borders, this app can simplify your travel plan management so you never miss another connection again. Tripit’s strength lies in its ability to pull together the information from various bookings, regardless of mode of transportation, and create a custom itinerary that can be managed and understood from a single location. All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails and the app does the rest. It is especially useful if you are planning a group trip or plan to link up with friends or colleagues along the way.
    • Platforms: Android, Blackberry, iOS & Windows Phone
    • Cost: Free
  5. Team Management – Trello – No one likes being micromanaged, and you hate micromanaging people. Enter Trello, a group organization tool that allows information to be shared in a variety of ways on post boards that eliminate the need for long email threads and claims of ‘No one told me!’. Trello allows you to add checklists, PDFs, photos, videos and comments to dedicated boards so you can ensure only the people who need access to information are privy to it. It is a great tool that allows plans to be advanced and future courses of action to be planned in an open, intuitive way that will wonders for your team’s productivity.
    • Platforms: Android & iOS
    • Cost: Free

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