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5 Icebreakers for Business Meetings

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Business meetings can be boring and dreary at times and it often gets difficult to round up a team for meetings without having them lose the much-desired enthusiasm. Icebreakers are very effective for such situations as they help charge up teammates for the meeting via simple games. Even when you are attending a business meeting with other teams, icebreakers can come in very handy to set the mood for the meeting and also help create not only a lasting good impression but also many productive contacts and network. Icebreakers are thus very beneficial irrespective of whether you are attending a short meeting, a day-long business meet or a business trip spanning over a few days. Here are 5 effective icebreakers for you to try.

  1. Guess who – It is both fun and essential to know your team better particular what they are like outside work. Guess who is a game where people write down two things about themselves which no-one at work knows on a piece of paper. These papers are then jumbled up and re-distributed amongst everyone. Each person reads out the trivia shared on the paper they are holding and guess who penned it down. This really helps people gel as a group and crazier the facts, better the bonding.
  2. M&M or Skittle game – Pour a lot of M&Ms or Skittles into a big bowl. Each color should be pre-decided to represent a standard set of question which would reveal some traits, habits, likes or dislikes of people. For example:
    • Blue – What is your favorite book or movie?
    • Red – What is the most memorable incident at work?
    • Yellow – What is one thing you love about your job? (Yes, that is possible!)
    • Green – What is your favorite outdoor activity?
    • So on, and so forth. Ensure that each member picks a color at random or without the knowledge of what the preset questions are for each.
  3. Year of the coin – Hand out a coin at random to each person and ask them to share something about themselves relevant to the year their coin was minted. What were they like? What were they doing? Anything goes. Ensure that you sift through a stack of coins beforehand to discard coins which date before any teammates were born.
  4. 18 and under – This is a fun trivia game where you go around the table asking each member to share a memorable incident or achievement before they turned 18.
  5. Would you rather – Make a session interactive with this common icebreaker where members take turns asking questions like ‘Would you rather watch a movie or read a book?’ Questions can be personal, quirky or downright comical. This creates a relaxed atmosphere while also helps the team gel with each other well.

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