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Airlines Give Out Free iPads and Laptops

Airlines Give Out Free iPads and Laptops to Travelers Affected by the Electronics Ban

Airlines Give Out Free iPads and Laptops to Travelers Affected by the Electronics Ban

Early March saw a ban on carry-on electronic devices in specified flights to the US. President Trump imposed a ban citing security reasons, from a number of countries in the Middle East. This ban applies to flights coming into the US from several Middle Eastern airports. More specifically, the ban will affect 10 airports in the Muslim-majority countries or region. The carry-on electronic devices that were banned include iPads, E-readers and laptops. The electronic devices allowed are cell phones and smartphones like iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7; among others. The wake of this ban has led to the formulation of new strategies by affected airlines to provide incentives to tackle the problem. In this respect, all is not lost for those who like to keep working while on board.

Airlines affected by the ban like Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways are providing electronic gadgets to people flying to the US. They are loaning free laptops and iPads to be used on flights; and in this regard, business travelers can keep up with their work; mitigating the problem at hand. Etihad Airways rolled out free iPdas to all the first and business class passengers flying from Abu Dhabi to the US. In addition, both business and premium class passengers enjoy free Wi-Fi in flight. Laptops will be made available by Qatar airways to the business class.

In simple terms, passengers will use electronic gadgets that belong to the airlines as they fly; free of charge. The airline went ahead to guarantee safe packing of all electronic gadgets that will not be allowed in the US. The business traveler has to stay connected at all times and in this respect, these airlines will solve the problem made manifest by the ban. More and more airlines affected are looking to implement similar strategies in a bid to keep their passengers happy. The loaned laptops and iPads will be offered on board to all those travelers who wish to use them. It is worth noting that the UK also has similar restrictions.

The relief however is that the UAE and the national carriers therein are not part of the banned destination list. These airlines are definitely looking out for the interests of their clients; and to this end, the business traveler will welcome this move. The bans have widely been informed by the increasing security threats regarding terrorism. Safety has to come first and in light of this, first and business class travelers will not be losing much; thanks to the interventions by affected airlines.

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