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Avid Globetrotter: 24 Hours in Paris


If you are visiting Paris on a business trip in, taking a day off to see some of the world’s most famous sights in the city is an excellent idea. Admittedly, the tight schedule that often comes with a business trip can be draining to your energy. Once you have managed to take a day off the hectic schedule, the city should offer a broad range of options for you to visit. Of course, you’ll need to budget for the places you wish to go to, but with proper information and planning, cost should not be a setback.

Once you prepare, here are some of the top destinations you can head to in Paris:

  1. The Eiffel Tower – You have heard of it, seen it in pictures or TV. Now that you are finally in Paris, it’s time for you to see the masterpiece that is the Eiffel tower. And you will not be alone; millions of fascinated people around the world mill around this tower every year and are mesmerized by its majesty. The visit should take you roughly thirty minutes.
  2. The Louvre – The Louvre is one of the biggest and most beautiful museums in the world, and you will be happy to know it is accessible to you when you are in Paris. A tour of the museum should take you less than an hour, during which time you can enjoy free Wi-Fi or even shop for a few gadgets.
    • Tours of the Louvre are given by national museum guides. An hour and a half to discover the museum’s collections, whether it is your first visit or you are a regular museum-goer.
    • This introductory tour will make you discover the most emblematic places of the Louvre, such as the medieval moat, as well as its history and major works:  the Mona Lisa, the Victory of Samothrace, and the Venus de Milo. The tour will be followed by a discussion session.
    • Schedule: Every day at 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., except on Tuesdays, public holidays and days when admission is free for all visitors.
    • Tour is free, however general admission is required: €12
  3.  Musee d’Orsay – Musee d’Orsay is a smaller museum than the Louvre, but it is equally as famous. Your tour at the museum should last about an hour. The display at Musee d’Orsay should prove fascinating to you, especially if you are an antiquity enthusiast.
  4. Notre Dame Cathedral – If you are a music lover or Catholic and would fancy attending mass, the Notre Dame Cathedral is the place to visit. Depending on whether you want to attend a music performance or mass, your stay here should take about an hour.
  5. Rue Mouffetard – A tour of the winding Rue Mouffetard Street provides you a wide array of cafes, bars, and restaurants. If you visit this street in the evening, you can benefit from the safety and relative quiet of the street as automobile traffic is not allowed inside Rue Mouffetard during the evenings. Depending on the activities you wish to undertake during your walk within this street, you should be done in a short while.

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