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Avid Globetrotter: 24 Hours in Taipei

Avid Globetrotter: 24 Hours in Taipei

Tucked at the northern part of Taiwan is Taipei city. This history-rich city boasts of excellent cutting edge amenities. From amazing skyscrapers to bustling shopping venues, this location will indulge you to say the least. Culture, food and scenery are some of the top things to look forward to. If you only have 24 hours in Taipei, this guide will help you experience top offerings. As a city that never sleeps, this destination is certainly worthwhile and will open your eyes to a new frontier filled with fun.

It is always wise to get a taste of the Taipei traditional breakfast as the first thing. Many eateries will serve a fully traditional breakfast consisting of Chinese omelette, soy milk, clay oven rolls and fried bread sticks. This treat is different and will appeal to your taste buds. Yonghe Soy Milk King is a good place to head for this hearty meal. The restaurant is located near the Technology Building metro station. If you are worried about language barrier, there is an English menu and one in Japanese as well.

Next, take a tour to discover the wonders of Taiwanese tea. A taxi can take you to the Muzha Tea Plantations where you will discover beautiful tea-houses and tantalizing temples. A city bus or gondola can also take you to this location. Here, you can experience the true majesty of Taipei tea. Taste a few samples and see the difference. You will have a better appreciation of tea after this experience. This mountainous location is also picturesque giving you a wondrous view of the Taipei skyline.

To discover rich history, you can head to the Coconut Boulevard to pick a train to the 228 Peace Memorial Park. Here, you will enjoy the amazing Japanese architecture as you visit the National Taiwan Museum and the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum. There are wayside pavilions that you can stop at to enjoy the scenery. For amazing culinary treats, head to the Tamsui District. From bride cakes to ice cream, there is so much food to enjoy. The Tamsui river gives you the most romantic sunset as you explore the alluring neighborhood. For a wholesome spiritual experience, head to the Longshan Temple and walk through it. People praying and wonderful incense will refresh your soul. Next to the temple is a night market where you can shop the night away. You can grab a filling Taiwanese dinner and if you are up for it, get a foot massage as you wind the day up.

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