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Best New Devices to Track Your Luggage

Trace Me
Trace Me

Why didn’t I think of that?

The proliferation of technology means that more of us are asking that question when we see a new product hit the market. Savvy inventors are using the boom in access to wireless devices to develop ingenious solutions to old problems. For travelers, the prospect of lost luggage may now be a thing of the past with luggage trackers that are more affordable and more powerful than ever before.

Here is a list of three that caught our eye:

  1. TrakDot – Simply place this device in your luggage and track it from anywhere else in the world with your phone or a computer. A great feature is that it will message you once it has landed at the destination so it is easy to know whether your bags followed you there.
    • Pros: Integrated GSM chip means it uses less power and that you can track it wherever your phone works. Can track many devices with one phone and have one device tracked by multiple phones.
    • Cons: Pricey. Users complain that the batteries last only 20 hours instead of the advertised 48. The app does not seem to track in real time – delayed updates defeat the purpose of tracking.
    • Cost: $88
    • Size: 2.3″ x 3″ x 0.8″; Weight – 12 ounces
  2. Lug Loc – This device is practically weightless compared to many of its competitors. Simply place in in your luggage and track through the website or app. It promises 15 days of battery life and delivers, even with the device switched on. Track your luggage during the flight, and track it when you arrive at the airport with the short-range Bluetooth locator.
    • Pros: Low weight. Long battery life. Added Bluetooth functionality for short-range location.
    • Cons: Additional tracking costs after initial purchase. The GPS location is approximate.
    • Cost: $69.99 + cost for each tracked device
    • Size: 4″ x 3″ x 0.4″; Weight – 7 ounces
  3. TRACE ME –  is a unique system of luggage tracking that it is integrated into the international airports’ and airlines’ own luggage tracking systems. The tracker is made of rigid plastic tag and looks just like a common luggage tag. It has a unique serial number that the user has to register online. You can track it through the TRACE ME website.
    • Pros: No batteries required and no mechanism to fail. Integration into the worldwide airline and airport network means the authorities can easily locate the bag within their own system, simplifying lost luggage recovery.
    • Cons: The tag is placed on the outside so if your luggage is stolen, thieves can easily remove and dispose of the tag.
    • Cost: $12.60
    • Size: About credit card-sized
  4. TrackR – Tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone? Attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item – then use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds. Quickly ring a missing item around the home or be notified before leaving things behind.
    • Pros: Low weight. Long battery life. Also uses Crowd GPS location. Bluetooth functionality for short-range location. Ability to attach to anything, including pet collars
    • Cons: Battery difficult to replace. Android support 4.4 and later.
    • Cost: $29
    • Size: About 3 quarters stacked

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