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How the Big Three Airlines Change Policies in Wake of United Incident

How the Big Three Airlines Changed Policies in Wake of the United Incident

There is no doubt that United Airlines’ passenger bumping incident left a bad taste in the mouths of many. Thanks to video evidence that went viral, United has had to dig deep into their disaster management strategy reserves to calm the storm. In the face of the outrage, at-least three big airlines have changed their policies to make passenger bumping an element of the past. Whether the changes at United will appeal to passengers thinking of using the airline is really a guess for any person.

  1. To begin with, in a sea of apologies, United Airlines announced that their crew members are now forbidden to displace passengers for whatever reason. This means that no crew member should come up to you and demand or ask that you leave the plane. Another policy change is that they will never use law enforcement officers to bump passengers; unless it is a matter of safety and security. It is worth noting that the effect of this incident left the reputation of this airline in pretty bad shape. Going by the views or reaction of people online, United Airlines will need more than just a policy update to win the hearts of people again.
  2. Delta is another airline that has made notable policy changes following the incident of passenger bumping at United. Now, Delta will pay up to $10,000 to compensate for a passenger giving up their seat. This is up from $ 1,350 previously and this is impressive to say the least.
  3. American Airlines has not been left behind in this regard. They will no longer ask passengers to give up their seats for any reason. All these policy changes by these airlines will certainly make customers happier. United went an extra mile to ensure that their crew members book their seats well in advance to prevent cases of passenger bumping as witnessed.

You will remember that one Dr. David Dao refused to give up his seat on a fully-booked United Express flight in Chicago. He was subsequently dragged from the plane by law enforcement officers; and the video footage caused the uproar that led to policy changes by the big airlines. As a business traveler, it is a great inconvenience if you are ever asked to give up your seat when it is not your fault that there are limited seats. Therefore, rest assured that such an incident is unlikely to happen; at least not with the top three airlines.

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