Brazil Waives Entry Visa

Good news for business travelers, Brazil will start to waive the entry Visa for US Citizens this summer, effective June 17, 2019.  The news means that citizens of the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Japan, all considered “strategic for the development of tourism” in Brazil, will no longer need to apply or pay for a visa.

Quick Facts: Stockholm

One of Europe’s most picturesque capitals, Stockholm is also known as the start up capital of Europe. As a vital and progressive hub of information and innovation (it’s the birthplace of Skype and Spotify, just to name two), the Swedish capital has rapidly evolved into one of the global leaders in technology – second only to Silicon Valley.

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Qantas’s Lounge in Perth

For all of you frequent Australia business travelers out there. Qanta’s has a Lounge in Perth that is way beyond expectations. The lounge is open to people transiting in Perth on QF9 from Melbourne to London and QF10 from London to Melbourne, as well as passengers joining the flight there, if you’re a Gold or above frequent flyer or Qantas lounge member.

No Middle Seats

Is the tagline of the Embraer Airline. And it's newest aircraft has me all excited for one. I am not a fan of the middle seat - is anyone?  Flying in the middle seat is just about at the bottom of the world’s problems right now, but it still matters to some, and Embraer is catering to those people who simply abhor the middle with its new E190-E2 jets that come with zero middle seats. Ever.

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