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What Business Travelers Need to Know About Trump’s Travel Ban

What Business Travelers Need to Know About Trump's Travel Ban

The wake of a travel ban by executive order courtesy of president Trump has definitely caused jitters to business travelers over the past few weeks. The ban saw several Muslim majority countries banned from entering the US. The ripple effect from this action is perhaps what has sent business travel in disarray. The ban caused extended delays for flights and overall confusion over travel and this also applies to business travel. To keep your head above the water, it is important for a business traveler to keep in mind a few things. This is what you need to know so that you can make your travels as smooth as possible.

The first thing is to make sure that your documentation is kept updated. As a business traveler, it is vital to know why and how you are traveling to the US and out of it. With your documents up-to-date, the travel ban is less likely to affect you. Many travelers have felt an air of hostility when it comes to traveling to the US; but looking at the facts and knowing what is expected of you is the best way to navigate around the problem as you travel. Because the political landscape is highly dynamic, it is important to stay abreast with any travel updates so that you can adjust accordingly.

Another thing to know is that as a business traveler, delays have become the order of the day following the ban. In light of this, it is pivotal to allocate more time when traveling to and from airports. You never know what to except and in this regard, giving yourself ample time will ensure that you fulfill your travel commitments. Protests and strikes have all played a role in halting air travel in several airports and being prepared is the best defense in this regard.

Trump’s travel ban will not just affect foreign business travelers but it will also affect companies in the US. Many conventions and business events in the US are paid for, and when the business people do not show up due to fear (or other reasons), everyone loses. In this case, business travelers who consider cancelling their travels for now should do so to their discretion. A survey showed that many companies will reduce their business travels for at least three months. Those who feel like staying put until the confusion or hype is over may be making a good decision. The bottom line is to consider the pros and cons and travel when it is convenient for you.

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