kobe quick facts
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Quick Facts: Kobe, Japan

Known as a big city and a port town, Kobe has been accepting people from overseas for a long time. Western-style building of Kitano Ijinkan street and Former Foreign Settlement color the town. Also known as center of fashion, shopping in Kobe is recommended too. Night view from Mt. Rokko is called ‘Ten million‚Äźdollar view by night’.

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What To Do: 24 Hours in Tokyo

Tokyo city has come of age as one of the must visit destinations. It is the planet’s most populated metropolis, a great powerhouse of art, fashion, finance, industry, and also one of the dining capitals of the world. The pace found in Tokyo city can be quite breathtaking, but again, so can its’ efficiency. There is no other city on the planet close to its’ size that works as well as it does, while at the same time managing to be civil. Moreover, crime is very low, and the buses and trains are always on time.