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Is a Coworking Space Worth the Cost?

Is a Coworking Space Worth the Cost?

If You’re Already Working From Home?

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular around the world. These are not internet cafes; in the majority of cases you have to take your own laptop, some locations may have rental laptops, but if you are traveling for business or working from home chances are you already have your laptop with you.

I personally think coworking spaces are amazing.  Recently I was in Scandanavia for a 3 month trip, Copenhagen was my base of operations and I had a great little apartment. Before I got to Copenhagen I did a little pre-work to scope out some coworking spaces to check them out and see what they were all about.  My little studio had WiFi included but I wanted to get out in the city a bit.  I also was not in Copenhagen for the entire 3 months, I had little week jaunts here and there to Sweden and Finland and Norway; so I needed something flexible for when I was in Copenhagen.

The coworking space I ended up at was called Prototype. Originally they only had monthly membership plans, but with me coming in they also now have weekly and daily rates.  The coworking space was cozy, the people were great, the coffee was great and the network was fast.

I am now a big fan of coworking spaces, if there was one in my town I would definitely be a member. Sometimes it is nice to get out of the home office a few days a week and enjoy the company of others hard at work.

On my next trip back to Copenhagen, I will be back. And on all my other trips I will make it a point to seek out coworking spaces.

Prototype in Copenhagen

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