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Excellent Amenities by Alaska Airlines Include ‘Free Chat’ – What to Expect

Excellent Amenities by Alaska Airlines Include Free Chat

Business travelers using Alaska Airlines have every reason to smile this new year. The company is rearing to go and in a list of brand new offerings, travelers will truly be delighted. This is because the airline recently launched an exciting amenity that is geared to helping fliers keep in touch with their colleagues, family and friends while airborne. The airline has launched the ‘Free Chat’ service which allows travelers to chat free of charge in-flight. This ground-breaking amenity will go a long way in keeping those important lines of communication open absolutely free. According to a press release from the airline, Gogo-equipped flights are compatible with WhatsApp, iMessage and even Facebook Messenger. To this end, fliers can send messages at 35,000 feet with no worries at all. The airline has launched a host of amenities and below is an insight to this light.

Alaska Airlines is starting the new year with this in-flight amenity to suit the business traveler accordingly. The chat service is also emoji-compatible meaning that you do not have to skip the fun while keeping in touch. This service is ideal because there is no need for full Internet access and many travelers will be happy as this practical service is invaluable. The ‘Free Chat’ service can be used by any smartphone. Using this service is absolutely easy and straightforward as follows. Business travelers will first need to log into their Gogo Wi-Fi accounts. Next, one will need to follow a few steps while following a simple prompt, and then start chatting with colleagues, family and friends as desired.

It is worth noting that the ‘Free Chat’ service has been launched in beta. According to the press release by the airline, the service will be functioning fully by January 24th. The airline is taking pride in the fact that this service is a first. Alaska is not just the first but the only airline that is offering this amenity to all of its fliers. The free chatting service is not the only amenity that the airline is offering its guests; as alluded to earlier. There are free movies as well as a rejuvenated menu for those who like options. From new premium wines to craft beers; the beverage options will suit every need of the business traveler. Complimentary snacks and early boarding are other excellent amenities to look forward to. Alaska Airlines is flying high where delivering quality service to its guests is concerned. These new enhancements are geared towards making those flights more pleasurable.

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