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Most Expensive Cities for Business Travel in 2017

Most Expensive Cities for Business Travel in 2017

If you’re looking to cut back on company spending, you may want to avoid sending employees to these cities.
New York City is the most expensive destination for business travel.
A recent study by Expert Market analyzed the average cost of business trips 200 US and Non-US cities, looking at the daily cost of accommodation, taxis or car rental and food. New York comes up as the most expensive city for business travel, with employers paying nearly $550 per person per day during a business trip. Hotel accommodation alone costs an average $385 a night in New York City.

Second is San Francisco, where one can expect to drop an average $534 daily. Following behind the tech-driven California city is Boston ($511), Washington D.C. ($462) and Chicago ($444).

From an international perspective, U.S. cities took up half of the top 20 most expensive places for business travel around the world. The most expensive city outside of the U.S. is Tokyo, where employers can expect to pay $489 every day for an employee. After Tokyo was Zurich ($472) and London ($469). Johannesburg, South Africa, came in as the overall least expensive place for business travel, with daily costs amounting to around $174 a day.

Top 20 Most Expensive International Cities

  1. Tokyo
  2. Zurich
  3. London
  4. Basel
  5. Geneva
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Tel Aviv
  8. Kuwait City
  9. Riyadh
  10. Osaka-Kobe
  11. Paris
  12. Milan
  13. Muscat
  14. Shanghai
  15. Doha
  16. Copenhagen
  17. Sydney
  18. Lagos
  19. Oslo
  20. Helsinki

Top 20 Most Expensive USA Cities

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. Boston
  4. Washington, DC
  5. Chicago
  6. Los Angelos
  7. San Jose, CA
  8. Seattle
  9. Honolulu
  10. Santa Barbara, CA
  11. White Plains, NY
  12. Hardford, CT
  13. Miami
  14. Philadelphia
  15. Minneapolis
  16. Austin, TX
  17. Dallas
  18. Oakland, CA
  19. Nashville, TN
  20. Baltimore

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