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Khos: A Lifestyle Brand For Business Travelers

Khos A Lifestyle Brand For Business Travelers
The swimming pool at Rosewood Beijing. The design at future Khos hotels surely will not disappoint (Photo: Courtesy of Rosewood Hotel Group)

KHOS, a new hotel concept by Rosewood Hotel Group, promises a balance of work and play for modern men and women on the move. Derived from the Mongolian word meaning “pair” — KHOS is a befitting symbol how this new brand of upscale hotels will blend work and play, people and ideas, East with West, and business with lifestyle.

KHOS™ is an innovative, newly created upscale business hotel brand designed to cater to a new generation of business traveler for whom travel in inseparable from lifestyle and who demand high functionality delivered with style. As a destination for business travelers to meet, collaborate and develop new bonds, traditional hotel facilities and services – restaurants, business centers, executive lounges, meeting venues and spa and wellness spaces – have been re-imagined in order to blend work with pleasure while on the road. KHOS will establish a global footprint with openings in capital cities, up-and-coming business centers and resort destinations, with the first KHOS hotel to be announced and opened in 2018.

Culinary traditions across Asia have influenced the development of culinary offerings at KHOS, with the brand hoping to create authentic, artisanal and communal dining options. Recreation and relaxation will be at the forefront of each KHOS property, extending from spas and wellness facilities to business centers and executive lounges.

The KHOS ethos looks to turn the idea of traditional business hotels upside-down by completely reimagining facilities and services to invite spontaneous interaction with fellow travelers, and will be designed to allow for greater flexibility and sociability.

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