Travel Advisor: Roseann LeFevour

Roseann LeFevour

Favorite Travel Destinations

My favorite travel destinations are Ireland, Italy and France. Though, I welcome the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world to learn about the country’s culture, history and engage with the locals.

My Travel Style Is...

My travel style begins with organization and attention to detail. I rely on my own knowledge, while also gathering insights from people who have travelled to the destination. Most importantly, my goal is to help my clients make wonderful travel memories.

Areas of Specialty

While Ireland is my specialty, I also have considerable travel experience in Western Europe, the United States and Mexico. I have also had experience planning golf trips in Ireland and the UK and European river cruises.

Fun Facts About Me

My parents and my family were and have been extensive travelers, enjoying finding unique adventures. Portugal and small towns in Mexico were among their favorite destinations before they became popular. My mother was a long time travel agent, and all my siblings have inherited their passion for travel.

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