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Tips on How To Have a Great Bleisure Trip


One of the newest travel trends that has been increasing in popularity over the last couple of few years, is the merging of business and leisure travel. Bleisure travel, also known as bizcations, involves combining some personal sightseeing into a business trip, thus saving travelers both money and time. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to have a great Bleisure trip:

  1. Travel Light – Avoid getting slowed down by any extra baggage. You don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe with you, it’ll just slow you down and frustrate you. However, make sure you pack the necessities. That being so, commit to packing only what you need into a small suitcase. If you choose a large suitcase, you will be tempted to fill it up.
  2. Plan Ahead and Do Your Research – The best thing to do so as to minimize stress and maximize efficiency is to plan ahead of time. These can involve preparing all the files, devices and documents you will need, as well as the essentials for traveling. You also do not want to waste your time figuring out what to see, once the work is done. Doing due diligence will save you precious time at your destination. You should research the areas which neighbor your location, seek out local blogs and newspapers with event listings to see what is happening on the dates which you’ll be in town, and you can even book advance tickets if you like.
  3. Take a Tour – When you are short on time, and you just want to get the highlights, you should consider taking a tour of the city/location. You can hop on the tour buses, and get an overview of the destination. Alternatively, you can opt for something more specific to your interests like a food tour, graffiti walking tour, tour of the local craft breweries, and such others.
  4. Choose Your Accommodations Wisely – If you are allowed to choose your very own accommodation, you should pick a hotel which puts you exactly where you want to be. You can scope out your accommodation area before your trip, to find out what’s within walking distance.
  5. Be Smart – Well, at times, it is smarter to take your time and know a few places better, instead of covering the entire destination in a rush. The pressure of checking everything off your list can be very stressful, and you might end up not being able to take in all the wonderful things that are around you. Take your time to enjoy a few sites instead of simply browsing through the entire destination.

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