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Top 5 Apps For Business Travel


In recent years, travel has become so much easier, thanks largely to emergence of smartphones and the amazing apps which are created for them. Lets take a look at the top 5 apps for business travel:

  1. TripIt – TripIt is an amazing app which greatly facilitates itinerary planning. It can conveniently store all of your reservation numbers/contacts in a single and easy to access spot. You can forward all of your confirmation emails from hotels, airlines, bus companies and much more to TripIt, and it’ll instantly organize them all into one trip itinerary which you can easily view on your computer or smartphone. This service also makes it easier to share the itineraries with family members, friends, and co-workers.
    • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry
    • Price: Basic is free, and Pro costs about $49 a year
  2. iTranslate – If your business trips usually take you outside the country, you should make sure you’ve this little smart conversation starter with you. iTranslate is a very attractive app which will help you easily break down your language barrier in nearly any given situation, whether it’s during a business trip/meeting or even when you are out and about on the town.
    • Platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone
    • Price: Free
  3. GateGuru – This is a very handy travel companion which stores all of your flight information, and provides you with live updates in case of any delays, gate changes or cancellations. GateGuru’s is such a genius app, that it has local intelligence about the airport amenities, terminal maps, weather and lots of useful tips which have been submitted by users. You can also use this app to find restaurants and even get to see how your fellow fliers have rated them. The app actually offers gate by gate lists of shops, restaurants, and many other services.
    • Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone
    • Price: Free
  4. Uber – Uber is another great business travel app which will allow you to request for a ride and also pay for it via your smartphone. Better yet, Uber usually costs much less than taxis and it takes only a couple of seconds to request for a ride. In addition, Uber for business also allows your company/business to set its’ own Uber employee policy, and provide the list of authorized users who are not required to pay any charges. Instead, Uber for Business will submit monthly invoice directly to your business/company; this eliminates the need for you to always pay upfront, and then wait for reimbursement.
    • Platforms: iOS and Android
    • Price: Free
  5. Onavo – Onavo is a great app to use both while abroad and when at home. Once you install it, Onavo will work in the background. It will analyze all your data usage, and find you unique ways to save. You will also be able to easily track where most of your data volume normally goes.
    • Platforms: iOS and Android
    • Price: Free

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