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Top 5 Apps for Currency Conversion

XE Currency
XE Currency

Currency conversion is no longer the realm of the fuddy duddy. Business travelers looking to crack the best deal for a huge contract or simply gauging which hotel to stay at find themselves referring to international currency exchange rates. The wrong call can make a significant difference in the long run. Enter the currency conversion app.

Our list of these 5 apps for currency conversion will help you decide which is best for your needs.

  1. Heading the list is the hands-down popular favorite – XE Currency. The best thing about XE is that the only difference between the $1.99 pro version and the free one is that the first allows you to track 20 currencies simultaneously while the later only (!) 10, and ads. That means everyone can view up-to-the-minute rate updates, access over 30,000 rate history charts, track extreme highs and lows over multiple time frames, and compare rates quickly and easily.
    • Platforms – iPad, Android, BlackBerry, BB10, Windows Phone, Windows 8 & Firefox OS.
    • Cost – Free, Pro $1.99
  2. If simplicity is the key, this is the app for you – Exchange Rate. Available at the best possible price of ‘free’, Exchange Rate is also ad free. It’s unique feature is a link to a currency Wikipedia that allows you discover in-depth the history of individual currencies. Exchange Rate follows every currency being traded and offers a multiple-currency display to help you keep track of relative trends simultaneously.
    • Platforms – Android only.
    • Cost – Free
  3. If you want to track different forms of currency – My Currency. Tying for the lowest price of $0.00, the free version of My Currency is a formidable app that automatically updates 180 world currencies. However, the app’s strength lies in the $1.28 paid version’s inclusion of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Linden Dollar and Facebook Credit besides precious metals and all active world currencies. Perhaps for nostalgic reasons, it also includes currencies that are no longer traded like the French Franc, Italian Lira and German Mark.
    • Platforms – Android & iOS
    • Cost – Free, Pro $1.28
  4. For the people of the world – Exchange Rate M-Converter. Another free app, this one has some of the main world language groups covered. A great feature is that rates are automatically updated every time you are connected to the internet and remain saved when you are offline. This makes keeping a basic track of exchange rates fairly accurate, even if you are unable to log on to the net. Exchange Rate M-Converter follows 168 currencies which should be quite adequate for the average business traveler.
    • Platforms – Android & iOS
    • Cost – Free
  5. For the very lightest impact on your smartphone – Currency Converter Plus. The beauty of this free app is that it deals with solely the basics. Offering only 34 currencies in its repertoire, Currency Converter Plus is a ‘plus’ only in terms of smartphone memory usage. Leaving out every other feature for minimal impact on your phone’s performance, it is truly the king of basics.
    • Platforms – Android, Mac, Windows 7,8 and 10
    • Cost – Free

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