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Top 5 Gifts for the Business Traveler

Top 5 Gifts for the Business Traveler

The holidays are almost here! What do you get for that frequent business traveler?? Here our some of our top suggestions.

  1. Genius Pack Luggage G3 22″ Carry On Spinner ($238) – The Genius Pack 22″ Carry On Spinner features Laundry Compression Technology to fit more in less space, as well as a secluded laundry compartment to keep clean clothes clean, even in the confines of a small carry on. An integrated Loud Sound speaker plays music on the go, and a jacket wrap keeps your jacket secure while hurrying through airports.
  2. Nokia Treasure Tag ($7) Losing your laptop bag, luggage, or other travel accessories could turn into a nightmare–especially if a hacker steals your stuff. This small tag, which lasts up to about six months on one standard watch battery, connects to any smartphone that uses Bluetooth 4.0. If you leave an item behind, the tag itself beeps. You can also search for misplaced items.
  3. HooToo HT-TM04 TripMate Elite Versatile Wireless N Travel Router ($40) – This multi-purpose gadget solves a few problems. First, it is a portable Wi-Fi router, so if a hotel room only allows one connected gadget over wireless, you can connect the HooToo using Ethernet and then connect with multiple gadgets. It’s also a two-port USB charger for your phones and tablets. Connect a thumb drive, and you can share files on mini network.
  4. Amped Wireless USB Adapter UA230A ($50) On a business trip, being able to connect over Wi-Fi can make a huge difference in whether you can finish up a report or check your email. This USB adapter provides about twice the range that’s built-in to most laptops and about three times the speed. Note that, to get the faster speed, the router you connect to has to support the 802.11AC standard.
  5. NexGadget Patented 24000mAh Multi-Function Laptop Power Bank ($130) – The market is flooded with power banks that can juice a phone or tablet, but the NexGadget battery has enough amperage to charge a laptop.Unlike many laptop chargers, which come with a limited set of tips that only connect to some makes and models, this 1.4-pound battery has a standard three-prong outlet on board so it can charge anything. The NextGadget also has three USB ports to power your phone, tablet and camera.

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