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Top 5 List Making and Packing Apps


Have you ever been so overwhelmed by tasks that things kind of just fly right through your mind? Most of us have. We find ourselves scribbling tasks, things to do or items to pack on a piece of paper which winds up on the bathroom sink or worse. However, thanks to app technology, nobody needs to do that anymore. List making and packing applications come in handy when it boils down to keeping you focused and on your toes. Below is a look at 5 of the best out there.

  1. Wunderlist – Considered one of the top apps of its type out there, Wunderlist allows the user to create itemized scripts that can be updated on the swipe of the screen. Its design is amazing and the way it works is intuitive.
    • Platforms: Android, Kindle Fire, iOS, Apple Watch
    • Price:
      • Basic: FREE
      • Pro: $4.99 a month or $49.99 per year
  2. 2Do – It allows you to create multiple lists for tasks and structured subtasks divided according to their nature and urgency. It also comes with customizable geo-location potentialities.
    • Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac
    • Price:
      • Android: $2.99
      • iOS: $4.99
      • Mac: $14.99
  3. Carrot – It allows you to build dedicated lists for things you want to do over the course of a specified time frame. It goes a step further to give your virtual presents if you pull things off at the right time. On the other side, it also ‘castigates’ you if items and tasks in your list go past their deadlines with no effort put forth to handle them.
    • Platforms: iOS
    • Price: $2.99
  4. PackPoint – This is a list packing application that strives to distinguish itself from competitors by providing highly specific templates for users to work on. It requires you to enter your destination, things you want to do along the way as well as the dates you intend to carry out various activities. It is capable of fetching data about weather and giving you a detailed list of accessories that might come in handy.
    • Platforms: Android, iOS
    • Price:
      • Basic: FREE
      • Premium: $2.99
  5. TravelList – This application is one of the simplest in the market, providing easy list templates that allow users to check items off once tasks are completed or traveling accessories packed.
    • Platforms: iOS
    • Price: $1.99

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