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How Does Travel Insurance Work During a Hurricane?

How Does Travel Insurance Work During a Hurricane?

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Making the decision to get travel insurance is definitely a wise move. The coverage is supposed to shield you from losses incurred as you travel. However, many travelers often have their own expectations when it comes to this. When you are affected by a hurricane, do not assume that your coverage will cater to all the inconveniences you encounter. To this end, there is need to go through the finer details of your policy to determine what is covered during a hurricane and what is not. This article sheds more light in this regard.

A hurricane can affect your trip in three main ways. First, it can cause your trip to delay. Secondly, your trip could be interrupted and finally, the trip can be cancelled. When a trip is canceled owing to the severe weather brought about by a hurricane, your travel insurance will cover the losses incurred. This means that the insurance will cater to the travel costs as well as the extra cost that will come from flying home early. For delayed trips, extra costs like hotel room, meals and other basics should be catered to by the policy.

A good travel insurance policy will cater to emergency medical and dental costs that are caused by a storm. Medical transportation in an emergency case will also apply. Having said all the above, it is critical to keep in mind that this works for emergencies that are unexpected. A hurricane that has been predicted and named will not be a surprise to the policy holder. This literally means that if you are aware of a storm that is hitting your travel location, losses suffered will be no surprise.

To this end, insurance companies will not compensate in the above named scenario. Some people may suffer flight delays and in protest may choose to head home. In such a case, your losses will not be covered. Delays that have been announced by the hotel or airline for at least 24 hours owing to a hurricane will be covered. This applies to cruise trips as well; it is only an official cancellation or delay from the service provider that lasts over 24 hours that will be covered. People who find that their determination hotel room was destroyed by a storm will be compensated. However, compensation will apply if the hotel is completely uninhabitable.

Travel insurance can come to the rescue when you are on the road. One in six people in the United States will suffer trip delays and cancellations. In light of this, the people who actually have travel insurance are only 22% of those affected. When you know how the policy works during a hurricane, you will know exactly what to expect.

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