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Ways to Stay Productive While You’re Traveling

Ways to Stay Productive While You're Traveling

While holidays are for relaxing and basically spending time with friends and family, it’s also a rather hectic time, and it can be very difficult to juggle year end professional obligations with quality family time. In case you find yourself traveling during this holiday season, here are some great ways to stay productive while you’re traveling:

  1. Plan Ahead – Planning ahead is essential. You should properly schedule all the time related stuff you’ll need to do like flights, events and meetings, along with the necessary information like flight numbers, contacts, hotel reservation, and addresses. Once you’ve a clear idea of a schedule which awaits you during your travels, you need to determine how you’ll use the free/spare time you will have. Maybe you can check out the city, see a show, or attend an event. You need to collect all the relevant information about all the things you’d like to do before embarking on your travel. Remember to fully charge the batteries of all your electronic devices which will be needed when traveling, and bring the chargers.
  2. Have a Go To Packing List – Consider keeping a default packing list. It is very helpful to have a good go to packing list which you can refer to so that you are ready to go when time comes for your trip. Know all the basic things that you’ll need like clothing, electronics and toiletries. Break it down further into precisely what you’ve to bring with you, and pack as efficiently as possible. Make sure you pack only the essentials. Hurrying through an airport with lots of luggage isn’t the mark of a really productive traveler. Traveling light means less time waiting in line for the bags, moving through an airport much faster, and ultimately, much more time to get some things done. Also, for some airlines, packing light usually means saving some cash on baggage fees.
  3. Use Your Flight Time Wisely – In order to make the most of your time when traveling, you need to utilize the downtime on the flight to your benefit. Instead of sleeping on the plane, you can use this time to get some stuff done. You can choose get to any follow up emails you need to write, or you can write some blog posts, you can edit some pictures, or you can listen to a business podcast you have been wanting to listen to. Do not waste your flight time if you really want to get things done.
  4. Invest in Appropriate Travel Friendly Electronics – If you really want to stay productive when traveling, you should consider investing in travel friendly electronics such as a Wi Fi Jetpack, noise cancelling headphones, a travel adapter, small extension cords, and back up batteries. While none of these things are essential, they will definitely help you stay efficient regardless of where you are.
  5. Learn To Say No – Traveling usually brings you into contact with lots of amazing people from all over the planet, especially during the holiday season. The problem with this is that most of these people are on vacation and you can easily get pressured into going out when you should be getting some things done. You should warn your friends and family ahead of time that you will be spending some amount of time every day on business, so that they will not be too surprised when you decide to stay behind.

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