Why Use a Travel Agent?

As you can see below, there are many reasons to use a travel agent. It really comes down to answering a simple question for yourself: Why wouldn't I use a travel agent if: a)  the cost is free to me, b) an agent will find me the lowest price, c) an agent can impart their knowledge to help me make the best choices, and d) most importantly, an agent is my advocate if anything goes wrong?

  • Save Money! Travel Agents have access to the myriad of airfares, hotel rates, package tours, and cruise vacations worldwide and are Internet savvy. Accompanied by strong working relationships with travel suppliers, often the best deal lies with the people who know where to look.
  • Save Time and Trouble! Agents clarify the fine print on cancellation penalties and restrictions thereby preventing headaches later on for travelers unaware of the terms and conditions of their purchase.
  • Convenience: Agents provide one-stop shopping for all your travel arrangements. This includes travel insurance, passport and visa applications, dining and shopping tips, and destination information.
  • Service: Travel agents understand that repeat customers are the best form of advertising. That is why agents make themselves available and respond quickly to customer needs.
  • Clout: Agents know how to interact with suppliers and have the proper contacts to get things done. Agents have more buying power.
  • Personal Relationships: Like a good doctor, attorney, or accountant, your travel agent knows you, your lifestyle, and tastes. Armed with this knowledge and statistical information stored confidentially through state-of-the-art technology, an agent becomes a trusted advisor.
  • Knowledge: Travel agents stay abreast of the most current promotions and timely industry news so that they can translate and explain what it all means to you.
  • Experience: Travel agents become travel experts through their first-hand knowledge of a destination, continuing education, and customer feedback.
  • Investigation: No single travel supplier could advise a traveler with competitive information. Nor would they.
  • Evaluate and Analyze: Travelers can price shop on the Internet, but what is a good deal? Travel Agents can sort the details, assess the facts, and decipher the pros and cons of a vacation offer.
  • Making the Best Match: Travel Agents are adept at matching the right destination and the right hotel with the traveler. Understanding a customer’s needs and knowing a customer’s lifestyle, agents are in a unique position to send you on the perfect vacation.
  • Recommendations: Because good agents know their customers so well, their expert guidance can put your mind at ease and make you confident with your selections and purchases.
  • Consumer Advocate: Always looking out for your best interest, travel agents demand that customers get fair treatment from travel suppliers.
  • Problem Solving: When things go wrong or plans change, a travel agent is always there to seamlessly straighten it out – a live person with a friendly face.
  • Enhancing the Trip: Agents offer value and amenities by providing inclusions or extras at no cost. These may come in the form of gifts or special promotions not available elsewhere.
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