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Why It Will Be Harder to Get into Airline Lounges in the Future


Airline lounges might be the best kept secret in the travel industry. These secluded, exclusive and calm areas make traveling luxurious, fun and less torturous. Unfortunately, it’ll get much harder to get into airline lounges in the future. With passengers filling up record number of seats, most airlines are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce crowding in airline lounges.

The airline lounges have become very crowded because pay in passengers and the credit card holders have joined the passengers with premium class tickets and elite frequent flier status in these formerly exclusive clubs. This has resulted in airline lounges getting as crowded as the public areas. As a matter of fact, some passengers have had to sit on the airline lounges floor when the seats get filled.

This congestion is as a result of the set of rules which have been set by the airlines for passengers to gain access into the clubs, and also the sheer number of passengers who are returning to the skies. Typically, passengers get access to the airline lounges by paying a specified sum of money annually, or by qualifying through the combination of an elite status, and a particular traveling routing.

To eliminate the crowding, many airlines are now tightening the rules for the elite passengers, and are also increasing the fees of airline lounge access. For instance, Delta airline increased their fees by up to about 54% and also cut back on the partner access benefits. Over the next couple of years, as long as the profits continue flowing, many of the airlines will probably keep on focusing on trying to make the elite status, elite again. The budget travelers will get phased out of the airline lounges, or some new premium class clubs will get built and the airline standard lounges which are currently easy to get into, will lose their exclusivity.

In short, this basically means that unless you’re flying 1st class, things are about to get less comfortable for the regular passengers. On the other hand, passengers who are ready to fit into the new access requirements, or those who are ready to pay a little more in order to gain access, can look forward to much less congested airline lounges, and a much shorter waiting period for the fancy snacks offered in the lounges. Well, for the travelers who are on a budget, it will certainly get much harder to get into the airline lounges.

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