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How to Work On a Flight With No Laptop

How to Work On a Flight With No Laptop

Security regulations and restrictions witnessed recently are affecting what people do in-flight. Business travelers have always been accustomed to taking advantage of the airborne time to get more work done. The U.S ban on certain electronics seems to be expanding not just to more destinations; but also to cover a wider array of gadgets. Tablets, laptops, e-readers, phones and DVD players of a specific measurements have all been affected; you cannot carry on the plane any electronic gadget that exceeds 6.3 inches long, with a width of 3.6 inches and a depth of 0.6 inches. So, how do you work on a flight with no laptop? This is how to do it.

A phone that fulfills the above requirements is certainly your best option to keep the work going on a flight. However, typing on a small screen can be very challenging and can compromise the quality and quantity of work that you do. Here are tips that will enhance your working experience on the phone when you are flying.

  • Invest in a detachable compact keyboard – A Bluetooth keyboard is one such option. This handy gadget can be used with iOS, Android and Windows devices. In the market, you will find compact keyboards that can fold in half. This technology will save you the hassle of typing from a relatively tiny screen on your phone. There are some mobile compact keyboards that are roll-able and in light of this, choose an option that works for you best.
  • Leverage on relevant apps – There are endless kinds of apps that allow you to work offline and online and get a lot done in this regard. You can save articles and documents offline to retrieve them as desired using certain apps. In addition, use cloud apps to store your work so that you can have access on any device at any time. Some apps actually encourage you to work continuously so that you do not get distracted. A search online will reveal relevant applications that can help you work productively while airborne.
  • Have battery packs with you – Working can entail a lot and to this end, even the best power-saving gadgets can run out of power. In light of this, you do not want to stop working because your batteries are out. Choose battery packs that will guarantee a smooth flow of work. However, you must confirm with your airline that your chosen battery pack is acceptable.
  • Finally, to get more done without a laptop, you might want to keep the noise at bay to focus. Because you cannot be rude and ask people to shut up, get some good noise-cancelling headphones. This will not just relax your mind but you will concentrate better. Even if it will need some getting used to, it is possible to continue working on a flight without a laptop.

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